Fair play
on the pitch and in life
is the basis

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Program scope

Whole Poland

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Program milestones

Local level

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Fair Play team and football3 training

Sport volunteers from Fair Play team, boys and girls run training sessions with Football3.

Fair Play Tournament

The Fair Play Team should organize minimum one Fair Play tournament for elementary school children using the Football3 method.

Let’s do something good with Global Goals

Plan and implementation by the Fair Play team any charitable or supportive action connected to Global Goals with the local community.

Scoring system

All tasks performed by the Fair Play teams at stage 1 are subject to evaluation. Fair Play teams that perform their tasks best will qualify for Fair Play Forum.

National level

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Fair Play Forum

2 days long event. Youth get to know each other, exchange ideas and experiences and take part in the football3 tournament. Teams receive prizes and awards.

New year

New beginning

Statistics from 2019

Gwizdek ico 22

leaders from 16 regions of Poland :)

Group 4 323

football3 training organized by Fair Play Teams

Para ico 4878

2837 boys and 1950 girls in football3 session

Volunteer icon 287

people involved in volunteering (123 girls and 164 boys)

Stoper ico 2397

working hours done by volunteers in Fair Play Teams

Trofeum ico 698

participants in Football3 & Global Goals tournaments

Organizacje sportowe ico 20

local sport associations involved actively in the project

Urząd gminy ico 35

Local public instituinons and schools supporting the project

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