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15 December 2018

The inspiration for creating this publication is football. Football is a phenomenon of the 21st century, it amazes every day, it arouses emotions among hundreds of millions of people around the world. The last final of the World Cup in Russia was watched by over 160 million TV viewers. The best players achieve the status of heroes of our time, films, books and monuments are dedicated to them during Their lives. Football is also controversy: emerging corruption, doping, objective treatment of players, unequal treatment of women and men ...
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Two years ago, we asked ourselves: are we able to use the strength and the potential of football to solve social problems related to everyday problems of young people? Can sport help young people in a difficult social situation break through and overcome barriers? Can football be used by teachers / youth workers in education, not only on physical education lessons?
We have taken the challenge to find the answer. We started to develop an idea that could serve as a support for young people (including children) and for those working with youth in the area of education and upbringing. Today, with a certain amount of satisfaction, we can say: yes, football can help solve social problems. Yes, football can help overcome the barriers young people face. Yes, football can be used by people working with youth. Football can enable youth and people working with youth to develop social competences, social commitment. We hope that in the long-term this program will strengthen relationships and social ties as well as enrich participants with knowledge and skills necessary, and at the same time useful, in functioning with other people in today’s world. That is why we named it Fair Play Program - because being Fair Play may go beyond sport, beyond football, because being Fair Play is a value and pattern of attitude for everyone and every day.
Thanks to the possibilities and financial support offered by the Erasmus + program managed in Poland by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System, together with the Czech organization INEX-SDA we have created and implemented a 2-year strategic partnership. As part of the project, we had the opportunity to learn, explore, experience and test different methods of using football in social work. We also involved a total of 24 pedagogues, trainers, animators and teachers in the project and together we conducted the Fair Play pilot program. It was observed by researchers at the University of Warsaw’s Social Challenges Unit, specializing in the issues of social involvement of sport.
Fair Play Program is an educational- social program using the unique football3 method and the idea of gamification, which, when properly enriched and composed, form a very simple and useful tool for non-formal education. We hope that the program will appeal to young people and people working with youth
Remember that Fair Play in life and on the pitch is the key!
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