Football for All – kick-off meeting

20 April 2019

Together with organizations affiliated with streetfootballworld, we started the implementation of the 3-year project Football3 for All, which aims to prepare the ground for the development of football3 certification in the form of online along with complementary activities. During the meeting we approved working plan, project goals, milestones and schedules and understanding of the responsibilities of each organization.

During the meeting, the communication paths were formalized, thanks to which the partner group will remain in close contact throughout the duration of the project. We have started planning of:
  • Certification paths and certification standards
  • Forum for obtaining certification and accreditation
  • Potential MOOC delivery platforms and general MOOC (digital content) curriculum


Fair Play Program was represented by the leaders: Maciej Mikołajczyk from Jabłonia Kościelna and Artur Choma from Mrągowo. The project partnership are making following organizations:
  • streetfootballworld - Berlin
  • Mundial Balloon - Turin
  • Albion in the community - Brighton
  • CAIS - Lisbon
  • RheinFlanke - Cologne
  • Inex-Sda - Czech Republic
  • Oltalom - Hungary
  • European Network of Sport Education - Cologne
  • FARE - London

The meeting was held on 8th -11th of April 2019 in Cologne.
Project co-financed by the Erasmus +
The program operator is:
Młodzieżowe Stowarzyszenie
Inicjatyw Sportowych
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