Fair Play Academy – summary of 2nd training in Puck

12 December 2019

Fair Play Program leaders met on 6th -8th of December 2019 in Puck to summarize the implementation of gamification in 2019 and prepare for the implementation of gamification tasks planned for 2020. The issues addressed during the training were as follows:

  1. How is going the cooperation in Fair Play Teams? Presentation of each location. Discussion about problems, challenges and actions taken
  2. Summary of gamification task 1 - How did the implementation of task 1 of gamification (football3 sessions) look like  ? - How to create synergy with the football3 for All project Presentation of statistics for each location. Discussion of problems and challenges
  3. Introduction to gamification task 2. - What are Global Goals? - How to organize philanthropic and charity initiatives? - How to identify needs of community? - How to involve community (children, parents, schools) in the activity? Examples of this type of initiative. Formal rules
  4. How to organize an event for the local Fair Play Festival community? - How to create cooperation with local institutions? How to involve people?
  5. Overview of the 2020 schedule of activities
  6. Assumption presentation of the Fair Play Forum

The training was prepared and coordinated by the PORT Association. The training is part of the "Fair Play Program = Academy + Teams + Gamification + Forum + Research" project implemented as part of the Civic Initiatives Fund Program for 2014-2020 coordinated by the National Freedom Institute - Center for the Development of Civil Society and with the substantive support of the Football3 for All, funded by the Erasmus +
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