football3 for all meeting in Lisbon

3 March 2020

During our third coordination of football3 for all project meeting we:
  • finalised the MOOC content in order to start the storyboarding process before handing over the designed contents to a developer
  • decided on the assessment of the MOOC learners and in-person training participants
  • discussed the certification criteria for individual learners and expert organisation.
We created the plan for the in-person training before implementing a first pilote in Italy. Fair Play Program was represented by a member of the MSIS association - Arek Kamil Mierkowski.
The project partnership makes following organizations:
  • streetfootballworld - Berlin
  • Mundial Balloon - Turin
  • Albion in the community - Brighton
  • CAIS - Lisbon
  • RheinFlanke - Cologne
  • Inex-Sda - Prague
  • Oltalom - Budapest
  • European Network of Sport Education - Cologne
  • FARE - London

The 3rd meeting took place on  24th - 28th of  February 2020
Project co-financed by the Erasmus + , coordinated by streetfootballworld.
The program operator is:
Młodzieżowe Stowarzyszenie
Inicjatyw Sportowych
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