Kick-off of the Football for Good Visegrad Network

6 May 2020

The Football for Good Visegrad Network is a project, which will raise the positive impact of football in Central and Eastern Europe, by bringing innovative practices and international extent to our activities with youth at risk of social exclusion and by sharing experience and creating a common Visegrad strategy.  The main objectives of this project, is the empowerment of youth leaders, the social development and sensitivity of youth at risk of poverty, discrimination and exclusion in the Visegrad region. The project features international Visegrad fair-play events, educational trainings for young leaders and strategical meetings. In return we expect to improve and develop the quality of activities of youth organizations in the Visegrad region active in the field of non-formal education through sport.

On May 5, 2020, the first online meeting took place to discuss the training program of young leaders in Prague and the Visegrad Fair Play Tournament
The program will include:
  • Football for Development (Theory & practise)
  • Football3 roles and responsibilities
  • Mediation practise
  • Leadership and multicultural workshops
  • Team building and fun multicultural activities
  • Tournament with teams from Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic

The Fair Play Program is represented by: Paulina Drążkiewicz and Maciej Gronczewski from Maszewski Sports Club supported by leader Łukasz Rakowski and Beata Mierkowska.
  • The project is supported by: Erasmus+ Sport - Small Collaborative Partnership
  • Project leader: INEX-SDA /Fotbal pro Rozvoj
  • Project partnerts:  Oltalom Sport Association /Football Road Show, MSIS and MKS Maszewski Klub Sportowy / Fair Play Program
The program operator is:
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