Virtual escort of children together with Fedex and UEFA Foundation for Children

26 May 2021

The Fair Play Program and our young participants had the opportunity to participate in the creation of a special video material for the Final of the Europa League 2021. It was a joint initiative of FedEx and UEFA Foundation for Children aimed at promoting activity among children and young people in Poland. The Fair Play Program, which uses football as a support for social change, has been invited to cooperate in this amazing event, because we are trying to make the Training to Be Good serve on the pitch, but also in real life.

Since 2016, FedEx and the UEFA Foundation have cooperated under the Player Mascot program, and in 2021, despite the inability to create a direct escort for the players of the final teams, small girls participants and small bays participants of the Fair Play Program had the opportunity to appear in a film that served as a virtual escort for children.

It was something special for children, and the video was broadcast during the Europa League Final at the Gdańsk Stadium on May 26, 2021, for all Manchester United and Villareal fans and players present.
Thank you very much !! :)
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PHOTO: FedEx Express
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