Evaluation report 2020/2021

28 June 2021

These were the results of the project in 2020/2021

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Fair Play Program in schools
In schools, the Fair Play Program was usually perceived as a program supporting the development of civic attitudes and social skills, combining sport and education. In conversations with education representatives, it was stated that there are currently few external initiatives in schools that could shape civic and leadership attitudes among children, supplementing their formal education received during lessons. NGOs that used to direct their programs to schools now find their way to them less frequently. From this perspective - shaping civic attitudes and skills development (by volunteers) in a sports context - the Fair Play Program was perceived as a certain unique thing.
Principals and teachers seemed to pay attention to the importance of social competences in the development of a young person and mentioned grass-roots initiatives supported in their schools, such as the student self-government.
However, they were universally unable to list alternative initiatives to the Fair Play Program that they had encountered before. The program acted as a catalyst for the creative energy of volunteers, a role that is very much appreciated in schools.
The author of the report is Dr. Paweł Zembura - pawelzembura.com representing sportimpakt.org
The report was created as part of the project Fair Play Program, thanks to the support of the National Institute of Freedom - Center for Civil Society Development and the FIFA Foundation. 

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