FAIR PLAY PROGRAM 2021 – Something good for society

29 June 2021

In the 2020/21 Fair Play season of the Program, we were able to get off the pitch and show our communities how important it is to behave in relation to climate change.
We organized 
  •  9 activities related to the thematic protection of trees and forests
Why is it important? Forests cover 30.7% of the Earth's surface A world without a forest can turn out to be completely hostile to humans.

  • 4 activities related to the thematic protection of bees, including all pollinating insects
Because… Every third tablespoon of food we eat depends on the pollination process of bees If pollinating insects were to disappear, it would be a catastrophe not only for the world - food production would collapse.

  • 9 actions related to responsible consumption of plastic
Because… Over the past 65 years, plastic production has increased from 2 million tonnes to 348 million tonnes per year Animals mistake plastic for food, then die

In all actions, we had 240 girls and 230 boys, aged 7-11 with the support of 66 volunteers.
Our activities are possible thanks to the funding we received from the FIFA Foundation.
The program operator is:
Młodzieżowe Stowarzyszenie
Inicjatyw Sportowych
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