Fair Play Program – Football3 in 2021

30 June 2021

The implementation of the football 3 sessions in 2021 is behind us. Our leaders, with the support of 66 volunteers (including 33 girls and 33 boys) conducted as many as 201 sessions teaching respect, cooperation, integration, equality and fairness, and of course we were Training to Be Good all the time.

In 2021, we engaged in the Being Good Training:
  • Primary School Witold Pilecki in Olsztynek
  • Primary School of the Association of Friends of Catholic Schools st. John Paul II in Olsztynek
  • Public Primary School of the Association of Friends of Catholic Schools Jan Baczewski in Gryźliny
  • Primary School John Paul II in Waplewo
  • Public Primary School Andrzej Wajda in Rudniki
  • Public Primary School Nicolaus Copernicus in Jaworzno
  • Public Primary School Marshal Józef Piłsudski in Żytniów
  • Primary School in Kąkolewnica
  • Educational Team in Brzozowica Duży
  • Primary School in Polskowola
  • School and Kindergarten Complex in Trzebieszów II
  • Primary School John Paul II in Rosochat Kościelny
  • Primary School of Rev. Roch Modzelewski in Nowe Piekuty
  • Primary School John Paul II in Jabłonia Kościelna
  • Primary School in Ossolin
  • Primary School in Goźlice
  • Primary School in Klimontów
  • The Władysław Reymont Primary School in Maszewo Duży
  • Primary School in Stare Proboszczewice
  • Primary School Mariusz Zaruski in Puck
  • Primary school for them. Augustine Necel in Mieroszyn
  • Primary School Maksymilian Wilandt in Darzlubie
  • Primary School Zbigniew Dłużniewski in Nowa Góra
  • Primary School Of the Jeziorowski Brothers in Płock
  • Primary School Of the Home Army in Płock
  • Primary School in Grzybno
  • School Complex in Unisław
  • School Complex in Lipusz
  • Primary School Rowecki Grot in Mrągowo

A total of 29 schools  ;).

1288 girls and 1256 boys participated in all the sessions. 
Our activities are possible thanks to the funding we received from the FIFA Foundation
The program operator is:
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